Rains Fell… Riders Don't
Wet Weather Riding, 07 December 1997

by Teno Cipri

Hi Harry and all,

Just thought that I would remark that PRR went on a rainy ride this Sunday. Three of us showed up, Jeff, Eric and myself. To make the ride very interesting we did Mt. Hamilton and Mines Rd. We had a blast. The rain was fairly heavy when we left but the temperature was moderate. Naturally we slowed down the pace due to wet roads and "expected" unexpected obstacles. In spite of the conditions we were able to keep up a pretty good pace, much faster than I had expected. We came across a wild boar near the Quimby Rd. intersection. Apparently I got the best view of him as he ran across the road in front of me (but not so close I had to use the brakes.)

The road conditions were pretty good with only a few corners having wet leaves in them and most corners having fallen rocks and gravel. Due to our reduced speed I was able to focus on technical skills that we covered in the Doc Wong clinics this summer. As we slithered over the mountain I concentrated on looking well ahead, picking my lines through corners with wet leaves, gravel and fallen rocks. My arms were kept loose as I leaned the bike through the corners. In the wet conditions I found that weighting the outside peg in a corner made the bike feel real comfortable and I never felt out of control or over my head even when the bike got "loose". Coming down Mines road I felt real good, even at the top where the road is steep down hill and twisty. After the Junction the road seemed drier and our speed was 55 to 65 dropping down to 35 in the tighest corners.

The point of all this is that this was the most enjoyable ride over Mt Hamilton that I have had and the wet conditions really added to the experience. I hope this will get anyone "sitting on the fence" to come out and have a great day riding in the rain.


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