Rains Fell… Riders Don't
Wet Weather Riding, 07 December 1997

by hil

Yee Haw friends! That WAS fun. I'm not sure my passenger has dried and thawed-out yet, but we sure had a blast (wet one, that) and I had a great opportunity to learn about weighting the outside peg to help stablize the bike in a wet turn. 'Also got to learn that sometimes it's ok to run-over a tree branch, but a big ol' peeeeeling from a Euclyptus can be like a giant banana peel… surfin' RT… yay traction; I prefer it.

It was great to have such a small, intimate group of energetic riders to enjoy the swim with. Now we know WHY it's called Tunitas CREEK Road, eh compadres? Once my faceshield became usless with fog, I discovered the au-natural-winter-version of the Camelbak. Just open the helmet… you'll never be thristy again (and serves the dual purpose of a ion-loaded facial!)

Regarding all ye who were among those wringing-out your gloves… I was wearing my leather/kevlar Technic gloves, but I bought a pair of rubber chemical-handling gloves at OSH to use as over-gloves. They worked GREAT… five bucks. Not hard to put on either… perfect


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