Rains Fell… Riders Don't
Wet Weather Riding, 07 December 1997

by Gary Jaehne

Hey Roger,

It was interesting to read your comment about your legs aching after doing the rain clinic ride with us on Sunday. I had been talking with Doc Wong, in the morning at the office, about the riding technique of keeping the maximum amount of a rider's weight on the footpegs (to lower the resultant center of gravity of the combined rider/bike combination, as much as possible), vs. just sitting on the seat. I had described it as riding in the "jockey" position.

The final comment that I made to Doc, on this subject, was that you would know IF you WERE DOING IT RIGHT, when your thighs were actually "burning" after riding down a long section of twisty road. I'd say from your "next day symptoms", you should pat yourself on the back, because you were obviously "DOING IT RIGHT". Congratulations on applying the technique.......and I hope to see you again on another wet weather clinic!

Regards, Gary Jaehne

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