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Loose Conditions

by Ollie

In an article, (DOCWONG) wrote:

> If you come around a corner and see that you're going into loose conditions,
> keep your outside peg weighted. An example of this would be photos you may
> have seen of flat-track racing. You see the rider with their inside foot
> completely off the peg, so you know most of his weight is on the outside peg.

I can totally attest to this technique being useful. After hearing Doc say this before one of his clinics, I've been putting it to much use and it's made a big difference in my riding! I'd say it's easily the best bit of info I've learned from the good doctor, and that's saying something. Instead of fearing gravel in curves, I now just weight the outside peg and hold a smooth line. It works great! Coincidentally, I've had to use this technique numerous times lately, riding around the backroads of Santa Barbara.

Thanks Doc! Seeya soon. B)


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