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Simple 1-2 Turn Technique

by Marcus Miller

Hi Harry,

I've been meaning to drop you a line for a while to say thanks. I've really enjoyed your monthly seminars and rides and have learned a lot from them. Your topic last month was the 1-2 simple turn technique and I think I got the most out of this topic so far in terms of improving my riding.

The actual "class" was also probably the best conducted of those that I've attended so far. You stayed on topic and on time which was a big accomplishment! I liked how you demonstrated by walking through "the turn". With the group being large and no easy way to use the white board, I think this helped everyone be able to see what you were talking about. Besides, it just makes more sense when they can see you physically turn your head and then counter steer the imaginary handlebars. Rather than X's on the whiteboard, this helps people visualize the concept much better.

Did I mention, congratulations on keeping to the topic, keeping the instruction concise and to the point?

Putting the ideas to work on the road improved my riding some that day. It has continued to dramatically improve my riding as I continue to practice and implement this mental strategy towards smoother, calmer(!) and more controlled riding. Last weekend I rode up 9 to Skyline and down to Alice's where the road was blocked and so down 84. When I first came out here 2 years ago, I had less than a year's riding experience to my name and a brand new F3. I loved those twisty roads and had a blast (along with quite a few adrenaline rushes as I scared myself) riding. But never before last weekend have I felt so much in control and, therefore, so comfortable and been able to enjoy the ride so much.

I'm certain I had better lines, better position and a better understanding of what I should be doing. I probably (almost certainly) went faster than I had on some of those earlier days with far less danger, stress and anxiety. I was able to really enjoy riding! I try to do the best that I can to maintain as high a level of control as possible under all conditions and I feel that my level of control has risen tremendously because of the classes you've taught.

I'm sorry that I will miss your next monthly ride, but it is for a good reason: I will be participating in the MSF Instructor Preparation course, hopefully en route to becoming a certified MSF Instructor. I hope to be able to help give back to this sport in a way that others can start and learn to enjoy riding in a safe and fun way. Hope the class goes well - I look forward to riding with your group again in the near future. Until then (as I once heard a famous announcer say) Keep two wheels on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


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