Learning the Technique (The 1 hr. talk)

Then Putting it to Use! (The 4 hr. ride)

The Indoor Portion of Street Clinics

What is the Workshop's Format?

Where to Meet

What to do for Preparation

Ride Route

Equipment Required

What if I'm Not as Fast as the Other Participants?

What is the Role of Doc Wong and the Other Ride Volunteers?

Directions to Wong Chiropractic

What is the Workshop's Format?

  1. 8:00-9:00 a.m.: The talk will cover one major topic.
  2. 9:30am to noon: we ride thru the hills off of Skyline Blvd and end up at Davenport for lunch.
  3. 1:00pm to 2:30pm we continue the ride, ending up at Skyline and Hwy 9 with a briefing at the end. As we ride, the emphasis is on applying the principles of that day's topic.
Any questions you might have are answered, and demonstration of principles is always on hand.

Where to Meet

The clinic will meet at (of all places) a clinic... ;-)

We'll meet at 9AM at:

Full Motion Chiropractic
1021 Alameda de las Pulgas
Belmont, CA 94002

(See below for directions to the clinic)

What to do for Preparation

Please be gassed up and ready for a three hour ride after the one hour seminar. We won't be stopping for a snack until about 10 am, so if you get hungry before that time of the day either bring a snack with you or eat before you arrive.

Equipment Required:

A motorcycle in good mechanical condition, helmet, gloves, heavy jacket (leather or heavy material), heavy pants, boots... in other words, sensible riding attire. If you show up in shorts, tank top, Oakley blades and flipflops on your feet, you _may_be invited to go home. You must also have a valid motorcycle license and insurance. Full leathers are encouraged.

What if I'm Not as Fast as the Other Participants?

No problem. We split the riders into groups of around 10 riders each, according to what YOU think your riding skill level is. The first group will generally ride at a faster pace and the last group riding at the slowest pace.

You can ride at a slower pace; you don't need to feel like you have to keep up with the riders in front of you.

We try to ride at a moderate pace, and we hold the speed down on the straightways to allow slower riders to catch up. We stop at any intersection where we're turning off to another road and we don't continue until everyone has arrived.

We try to make rest stops long enough so that the slower riders will get a rest, too.

What is the Role of Doc Wong and the Other Ride Volunteers?

We'll have volunteer ride leaders and followers for each group of ten riders. These riders will be designated to you prior to beginning the ride, so you will know who they are. If they see you doing something unsafe (hard braking late into corners, running wide, etc.) or if they have a technique tip for you, they'll talk to you about it at the next rest stop. If it looks serious enough, they might even motion for you to pull over.

It's important to approach this whole thing with the right attitude. If one of the designated rider/instructors talks to you, it's meant to be constructive criticism and should be taken that way. After all, the purpose of the Clinics is to improve your skills and turn you into a better, more able and more confident rider!

Directions to Wong Chiropractic

From San Francisco (or north of Redwood City):

From the South Bay:

Wong Chiropractic
1391 Woodside Road, Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94061-3550
(650) 365-7775

Doc (docwong@aol.com)

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