Snow and Ice

Ducati in snow

Riding in snow and ice..... be young and stupid again!

Well, it happened!

Nothing like a new bike to get you SO enthused that you'll ride it no matter what!


So Saturday I pick up a new bike...I've got to ride it!

It's cold and it's what!

I start up Hwy 9 from Saratoga. As I get half way up to Skyline Blvd, I start to see what!

A bit later, the side of the road is not only snow white, but people are parked along the sides to get out and play in the snow! ... what!

Next corner...whoops! .... bike slides sideways, but fortunately stays up...heads up!

What was it that I teach at the Doc Wong Riding Clinics regarding "Slippery Conditons"?

Oh yeah....

  1. Weight that outside peg.
  2. Keep the bike upright as much as possible.
  3. Be extremely smooth, no abrupt anything!

Each corner gets slipperier and slipperier...all I could think of was Don't Crash This Bike!! I'm not quite so confident now... my "so-what" attitude turns to a "so-stupid-a-thing-to-do" attitude and on a "new" bike no less!

Just smooth gradual braking before turning, smooth gradual turning, weighting the outside peg, being very very light on the handlebars and just maybe I'll make it!

Doc Wong's Ducati in the snow! OK, made that one. Oh, s---t..... the next one is worse! Corner after agonizing corner I "blaze" uphill and actually make it to Hwy 9 and Skyline Blvd.

I park and watch the multitude other people who have ventured up Skyline in their 4 wheeled vehicles to play in the snow. I bask in the incredible scenery of snow and people making snow figures and snow ball throwing....

I wonder if I can get back down the hill without dumping my new bike.

It starts snowing... the Duck's covered in snow! I can't see across the road due to the white density of the snow! I wonder if it's a bad sign? I'm somewhat of an attraction as other motorists either think I'm extremely adventurous or I'm extremely stupid...oh well.

Doc Wong's Ducati in the snow

Never got so many friendly, endearing smiles from so many non-motorcyclists before. Or maybe they were just feeling sorry for me.

Took a bit to get out of my parking spot. As I started to take off, my rear tire just spun due to the ice on the road. After a bit of fussing, I finally got it to go. I knew going down Hwy 9 would be insane, so I went North on Skyline knowing the elevations drop more gradually and hopefully I'll make it to Alice's.

Doc Wong and his Ducati in the snow

I made it to Alice's without incident! YES! Saw another motorcyclist, only one other soul on a bike! Boy were we fast friends! Now this is motorcycling! :-)

Snow? Ice? what? ;-)

Would I do it again? No way...but then again if Gary Jaehney or Andy Burnette or any other of the host of "adventurous/stupid" riders out there were to call... I would!

So what! ;-)

Ride street, ride dirt, ride trials...oh yes, ride well!


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