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Doc Wong instructing two other riders

Thanks to Doc Wong's Street Riding Clinics, it's easy!
(Celebrating 21 years of serving the motorcycle community and 41,000+ students!)

The Doc and the Duck in the Dirt

The Doc and the Duck in the Dirt

Read about Doc Wong's crash!!

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Duc in the Snow

Snow and Ice

Doc Wong's Guzzi
Doc Wong's Guzzi

"Cruiser Riding Techniques and Modifications I've done"

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Registration for Doc Wong's Street Riding Clinics

Several folks have expressed their interest in attending, but what we need for you to do now is to CONFIRM via E-mail - docwong@aol.com or telephone to Dr. Wong's office in Belmont if you're planning on attending. The phone number at the office is: (650) 365-7775.

Starting Location for the Street Riding Clinics

    Doc Wong's Chiropractic Office
    1021 Alameda de las Pulgas (In the Carlmont Village Shopping Center)
    Belmont, CA 94002

Go to:  Google maps: view a map of our location.


To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list!

Email docwong at docwong@aol.com to subscribe to the email list.


Here is the list of my Clinics and a very short description of each type of clinic.

FYI: a "clinic" is defined as a brief course of instruction with theory and practical knowledge.

Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics (Free):
Starts out at my office 9am on a Sunday with about 1 1/2 hour talk and then do a ride thru the Skyline hills practicing the technique of the day. Beginners are welcome as long as they feel they can safely negotiate the twisty roads up in the hills. We do separate into groups of about 10 riders each of similar skills. See below for a more detailed description!

Suspension Clinics (Free):
This is a non-riding clinic that is held at my office. We actually drag a bike into my office and use it for demonstration. Suspension I covers essential basics, Suspension II covers fork and shock construction and how to set damping.  This is an awesome opportunity to get information not readily available elsewhere.

Doc Wong Motorcycle Ergonomics and Body Positioning Workshop:
This workshop is designed to help you make the necessary adjustments to your bike and to your riding position to optimize your personal comfort and efficiency of riding your motorcycle in all conditions. The ergonomics of different bike types and body types will be addressed and participants will have a working knowledge of what do do with their bikes adjustments. Find out how certain riding styles and poor bike setup can be hazardous and how to solve them. The end result is you being more comfortable on your bike with less fatigue and having more fun!

Doc Wong Basic Motorcycle Maintenance (Free): Currently not offered
This is held at a local motorcycle shop, I-Bike,  where I cover and demonstrate basic maintenance. You don't need to bring your bike, but volunteer bikes are worked on.  Basic motorcycle maintenance topics such as basic mechanics, oil changes, brake pad changes, chain adjustment and lubrication, , air filter, spark plugs, wheel bearing, steering bearings and more are covered in this evening workshop!

Doc Wong Dual Sport Clinics (Cost: $150):
This class is held in 2 parts. Friday night is the talk and demonstration of the drills that we will be doing on Sunday. Anyone can come Friday night to the talk at my office. Actually anyone can come to Sunday too, but having a dirt or dual-sport bike will help in doing the drills. ;-)

Track Days:
I participate in track days organized by my favorite track day organizer, the Track Club (AKA Club Desmo). Track Club has a flavor of it's own and they are awesome. I'm certainly available to help you out during any track day I'm at, get you initiated to how track days work, etc!  Yes, you can ride your street bike on the racetrack in a safe and controlled environment!

Doc Wong Groups at Calif Superbike School
My absolute favorite track school is Keith Code's California Superbike Schools! They are incredible and I'll do a few each year. In fact it's Code's methods that I teach at the Doc Wong Riding Clinics! Highly recommended.


Doc Wong's Calendar of Street Oriented Clinics:

"Improving Your Cornering Skills, Confidence and knowledge"

January 7, 2024 "Street Clinic: Smooth Riding - Body English-Weight Transfer” Sunday 9am-2:30pm

January 14, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic” Sunday 9am

February 4, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Stable Body Position and Anchor Points" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

February 11, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic“ Friday 6:30pm and Sunday 9am

March 10, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 2, Advanced” Sunday 9am

March 17, 2024 "Street Clinic: Smooth Riding - Awareness, Vision and the Vanishing point" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

April 7, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Road Surfaces and Curve Configurations" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

April 14, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic” Sunday 9am

May 5, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic“ Sunday 9am

May 19, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Throttle Control" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

June 9, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 2, Advanced“ Sunday 9am

June 23, 2024 "Street Clinic: Smooth Riding - Shifting and Braking" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

July 21, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 2, Advanced” Sunday 9am

July 28, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Judging Entrance Speed" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

August 11, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic” Sunday 9am

August 18, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - The Steering Input" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

September 8, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Pivot Steering" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

September 15, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic“ Friday 6:30pm and Sunday 9am

October 6, 2024 "Street Clinic: Smooth Riding - Handle Bar Pressure" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

October 13, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 2, Advanced” Sunday 9am

November 3, 2024 "Street Clinic: Cornering Confidence - Lines of Travel (2 Step)" Sunday 9am-2:30pm

November 10, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 2, Advanced” Sunday 9am

December 8, 2024 "Street Clinic: Smooth Riding - Body English-Weight Transfer” Sunday 9am-2:30pm

December 15, 2024 "Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic: Level 1, Basic” Sunday 9am

Special Doc Wong Events:
La Ducati Day to be scheduled in October. This is a huge fundraiser for the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department Featuring bike shows, displays, raffles, guest speakers. A whole day of vendors, displays, talks, bikes and contests!
Doc Wong group at Keith Code's Calif. Superbike School (To be announced)
**Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidance and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based on his works. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and apply them....your riding will be much better for it! www.superbikeschool.com

In memory of Gary Jaehne for his contributions to our motorcycling community!

Helimot Leathers: The leathers I use and consider the best! www.helimot.com

Who Runs the Street Clinics, and What are They?

Dr. Harry Wong, a prominent Bay Area chiropractor and extremely knowledgeable sport rider, has started a monthly series of Motorcycle Riding Clinics. These seminars are FREE, and consist of a one hour lecture followed by a four-hour group ride in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.

How Much Does it Cost?

That's the beauty of it--nothing! It's absolutely FREE.

What's it for?

The purpose of the clinic is to enhance your riding skills, increase your enjoyment, and learn better riding survival reflexes.

What Topics are Covered?

There is always a "Topic of the Month", as well as regular discussion of: 1) riding within your own abilities, 2) riding in groups and 3) public relations.

"Topics of the Month" include:


Recommendation if you ride street: Get a dual-sport bike or dirt bike and learn how to ride in the dirt where it's always loose. Besides being a blast, it'll make you a more confident street rider.

What Skill Level is Required?

Since these are not fast sport rides, any reasonably competent rider should be able to participate. We recommend that you be comfortable with your bike and knowledgeable about your (and your bike's) limitations and capabilities.

If you have been riding for at least six months, you've probably got the minimum level of expertise required.

The bottom line is that if you can safely negotiate the mountainous roads off Skyline Blvd, then you do have the minimum skills for the ride.

RIDE ROUTE: (1081 turns!) for the Doc Wong Riding Clinic:

We start at Dr. Wong's office on Ralston Ave in Belmont.
We go down 280 to Woodside Road, through
Woodside, and turn right on King's Mountain Road. We
go up King's Mountain Road to Skyline and stop there
for a very short break. This is the first opportunity for
our volunteer leaders to give any tips to the riders
they've observed.

From there, we head down Tunitas Creek Road (described
by my late friend Brett as "a goddamned GOAT TRAIL!")
;-). We follow Tunitas Creek Road all the way down to
Highway 1, where we take a short jaunt down 1 to Stage
Road. Left on Stage road to San Gregorio's little
General Store, where we take break- snackage & bathrooms
inside the store.

From San Gregorio, we go south on Stage Road to the
little town of Pescadero (which is a veritable
METROPOLIS compared to San Gregorio and has gas).
We don't quite go into town, turning left on North St
instead, then left on Pescadero Creek a short ways, making
a right on Butano Cut-off. Take that to the end, & make a
Left (South) on Cloverdale Rd. We follow Cloverdale road down
to Gazos Creek Road, where we turn west (right).

We follow Gazos Creek Road to Highway 1 (where there is gas),
take a regrouping break- then take a trip down 1 to Davenport,
where we stop for lunch. After lunch, it's south on Highway 1
again to Bonny Doon Road, where we turn east (left). Don't turn
right there, or you'll be surprised at the lack of floatation a set
of leathers provides. ;-)

Up Bonny Doon Road to Smith Grade, right on Smith
Grade to Empire Grade. North (left) on Empire Grade to
Jamison Creek Road, down Jamison Creek Road to Highway
236. Right on Highway 236 to Highway 9 in Boulder
Creek. Another short break in Boulder Creek (at the 76 station; gas, if
needed), then up Highway 9 (east) to Skyline, where we
assemble at the little rest area there for a final meeting.

After our meeting and bull session, the group
breaks up and everyone is on their own. Hope you can
find your way home from there!



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