Doc Wong Crashes - Part Four

Consequences and Repairs

It's been a few months after the crash and here is my report:

My Body:

The fall did result in a misalignment of my spine in the neck and midback area, but was quickly remedied by one of my chiropractic doctors. Our staff physician gave me a physical and gave me a clear bill of health. He was quite impressed on how I've been able to keep my 47 year old body in such good shape by diet, moderate exercise and targeted nutritional supplements.

While I was sliding along on the pavement I could feel the padding and armour between me and the pavement and had the conscious thought of being glad I'm in the Helimot suit. The Helimot suits are heavier than others and I consider the armour and padding the most advanced. My suit had the chest and back armour too.

My Leathers and gear:

Though I had a long and fast slide/fall on relatively rough asphault, my Helimot leathers only suffered cosmetic damage. I've noticed other riders and racers who have fallen multiple times with the same result with their Helimot suits too.

Daytona boots suffered minor damage as did my gloves.

My helmet was untouched!

My Mind/Psyche

The aftermath of any accident can have deliterious effects on one's riding and psyche. I was fortunate in two ways.

First: I was fully conscious and aware before during and after the incident. I cannot stress the importance of this simple idea. Because of this, I experienced no "mental" trauma. Had I experienced unconsciousness, I definitely would have gone to a Dianetics center and handled it!

Second: I had the opportunity to immediately get back on another bike (Andy Burnette's Ducati 916--yes, he's a trusting friend) and ride that same road again. Actually that day I rode that road three times. Once on my bike, then on Andy's 916 and then again as passenger with Andy on his Honda ST1100, scraping and sliding on mines road.

What fun!

My Bike and costs:

I brought my 748 to Nichols in Milpitas. I have total trust in their work and intregrety. To fully get my bike back to origioinal condition would cost $6,000! Yes every scratched item would have to be replaced. Body parts, swing arm, gas tank, etc.

The only mechanical problem was that the engine side cover was damaged and needed to be replaced.

The question was: "should I use my insurance or not?"

I called my insurance agent asked him how much it would cost me in increased premiums and the answer was $1,800 over the next three years.

I then got an estimate on repairing and repainting the bodywork, repairing the side cover and looked at living with the scratches on my swing arm (which were minor anyway). That came to $1,300.

Like any problem solving situation I just list out the pros and cons of each decision and then make the decision:

Insurnace Route:

Pros: All new parts, bike will be like new.
Cons: Increased insurance rates and on my insurance record.
Cost: $1,800

Self Pay Route:

Pros: No insurance rate increase.
Cons: Bike may not look like new, swingarm will have scratches.
Cost: $1,300

I chose Self Pay Route! I was fortunate enough to secure the services of Mike Malone of Finishline Painting and the bike looks like new!!! The swing arm scratches look cool and I'm leaving them there as a momento! ;-)

The finished product by Mike Malone
of Finish Line Painting

Thanks Mike!

All in all: this was a rather inexpensive lesson in my life as a motorcyclist! Falling off a motorcycle is a fact of life if you ride. The risks are there, but if you can learn from your own mistakes and from the mistakes of others, IMHO, the risks are very manageable.

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