Doc Wong Crashes - Part Two

Setting the stage for overconfidence

It all really started before the weekend.

Although I was riding the preceeding weeks, the weather has been marginal. Sometimes dry but cold, but mostly damp, foggy, and raining. Even so I managed to ride even in the rain. I found myself restrained and reserved in my riding in wet weather conditions.

Friday night I checked the weather and knew we were in for a beautiful weekend. I had just gotten my Duck back from John Nichols in San Jose. The Duck was in prime tires, a new Nichols Flywheel for more zip, steel braided brake lines and a full service. Friday I rode up to Alice's to scrub in the tires. She was perfect!

Duck in Nick's Shop
John Nichols putting on the finising touches

Saturday after some work around the house, I was able to steal away and do a short 3 hour ride. Rode up to Alice's and met a friend, Rodger. We rode about 100 miles going down Hwy 84, Stage Road, Cloverdale down Hwy 1 to Davenport for lunch, then up Bonnydoon and up Hwy 9. As this ride progressed, I was riding better and better.

Duck at Alice's Restaurant

The duck felt great. Smooth and confidence inspiring. I had been more comfortable on these roads than ever before. The drilling with Keith Code the weekend before had given me a new found confidence and smoothness with my riding.

I was no longer fighting my bike when cornering. I was able to find a "balance" point with my bike where I felt as if I was "transparent", indeed my body was no longer a hinderence in the performance of my bike...I was becomming a very good passenger on my own bike.

Still I was riding my usual "spirited" pace while keeping within my skill level.

Andy had called me Saturday night and we arranged to ride Mines Road Sunday morning bright and early. I quickly made several calls to other friends to ride Sunday.

The stage is set. Warm sunny weekend, great friends, great roads, higher skill level, higher performance bike…motorcycling…does it get any better?

I'm really ready to have a great ride on Sunday!

Part 3 will detail the actual ride and the events that led to the crash and the dynamics of the crash itself. Part 4 will have the aftermath, how I dealt with the damage, my stupidity and what I plan to do in the future.

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