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Is used whenever appropriate and is proven to be effective in neck and back pain. Common conditions such as pinched nerves, disc problems, numbness and pain down the legs and arms, headaches, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, fibromyalgia and other neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions are treated successfully with chiropractic.

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Dr. Wong's Street Riding Clinics     Doc Wong's Dual-Sport and Dirt Clinics

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Doc Wong and local Fire Departments

 "Rider Skills and Survival Day" 

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The Doc CrashesDuc in the Snow

The Doc Crashes     Snow and Ice


Doc Wong's Moto Guzzi

"Cruiser Riding Techniques and Modifications I've done"

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Doc Wong Driving Skills and Skyline Tour

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What's New?

What's New?

Last updated: January 15, 2010

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Important Information on Food Allergies!

The Doc Crashes, Part 4

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Learn About Scientology

Dr. Wong explains why he's been using Scientology for 16 years,
and what it's meant to him.

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