Studies on Chiropractic

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

A summary of published studies and official inquiries documenting the
efficacy and appropriateness of chiropractic health care

Studies on Chiropractic

In 1993, the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners published reports based on a three-year study of chiropractic. These reports focused on two surveys: one of approximately 5,000 full-time, licensed U.S. chiropractic practitioners and the other of approximately 600 full-time, licensed Canadian chiropractic practitioners. (A third survey report conducted in Australia and New Zealand will be completed in 1994.) The surveys and their resulting reports are titled Job Analysis of Chiropractic.

Following publication of the Job Analysis of Chiropractic, the NBCE began to receive requests for permission to reproduce certain portions of the reports. In response to those requests, the NBCE has condensed relevant portions and reprinted them....

Government and Research Studies on Chiropractic

In recent years, numerous independent researchers and carious government agencies have conducted studies which focus on the efficacy of chiropractic treatment. Several of these studies are listed below.

The Magna Report

RAND Study on Low-Back Pain

The New Zealand Commission Report

Florida Workers' Compensation Study

Washington HMO Study

Utah Workers' Compensation Study

Patient Disability Comparison

Oregon Workers' Compensation Study

Stano Cost Comparison Study

Saskatchewan Clinical Research

Wight Study on Recurring Headaches

Australian Comparative Study

1991 Gallup Poll

1990 British Medical Journal Report

Virginia Comparative Study

1992 America Health Policy Report

1985 University of Saskatchewan Study

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