Dr. Wong's Stretches and Exercises

Neck Stretch 2

This is a vital exercise! Done right it will help maintain a supple neck while maintaining cervical (neck) disc thickness.

OK, first you're going to have to find an appropriate place to support the bottom of your neck. You can use a rolled up towel, the edge of a sofa, or the edge of your matress bed

WARNING: If you suspect you have a neck problem, take it easy on this exercise. You can modify it by supporting most of the neck. I.e. move down so that your neck cannot extend backwards. The photo shows the neck position of an individual without neck problems. When in doubt, take it easy.

Now position your hands as shown and stretch your neck up and back. Stretch and release, stretch and release, stretch and release. Do this ten times as with all the exercises. You are promoting a proper curve of the neck while opening the disc spaces that will keep those cervical discs healthy!

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