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William T.

William T.

I had much pain in my hips. I couldn't run--I was just able to shuffle! I could only stand on my legs for a short time because of the pain. I was sleeping very poorly.

All this made me very bad tempered. I was unable to live a normal life. Since I am my wife's care-giver, I still had to do all of the household chores and take care of her. The pain made this very difficult. I was frustrated. I had always been very active and healthy--when I lost my whels I felt as if it was the end of living as I knew it!

Wong Chiropractic Center changed all that!! Dr. Kyle has gotten rid of the pain through his chiropractic adjustments. I have more movement in my hips and legs. I am able to stand on my feet for longer periods of time. I can't run as of yet, and I have to strenghten my leg muscles, but I feel so much better!

I believe that chiropractic care should go hand-in-hand with regular medical care. Everyone should try it!

-- William T.

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