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12-year-old Skeeter

A Unique but Now Happy and Healthy Patient!

Skeeter the cat

Dear Dr. Wong,

It was amazing; I couldn't believe it! After Skeeter's first adjustment, she could walk!

The vet had said either we do the back surgery immediately or we put her to sleep. I was shocked and figured there had to be an alternative. She would have never lived through the surgery! She was also fighting an infection that weakened her.

Skeeter wasn't walking: she was dragging her hind feet--they were paralyzed. She had no bowel or bladder control, and she wasn't eating.

After her first adjustment, she immediately walked and could use her kitty box that night! It was amazing!

Now after two months of care she's jumping up on everything and even feisty.

I this the chiropractic is great!

Gene C.

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