Physicians Plus

Medical Weight Loss Program

5 easy steps to safe and effective weight loss:

  1. Make an appointment and come visit one of our doctors at PhysiciansPlus.

  2. Medical examination with our state-of-the-art Body Fat Analysis equipment. You'll get an accurate reading of exactly how much fat, muscle and even water your body is composed of. Your doctor will advise you on how much is nominal and healthy, and you can compare the two.

  3. Your doctor will determine what program you need in order to start losing weight now! This is typically the combination of the Zone diet where you need not starve yourself and the use of our high-grade Pyruvate supplement.

  4. You visit the clinic once per week for a checkup and Body Fat Analysis, to track your progress and make modifications to your program as necessary.

  5. You attend our Zone diet workshop for dietary advice and exercise recommendations. It doesn't have to be terrible!

Cost is approximately $200 per month including all materials and Pyruvate.
Consult your doctor for details on how your insurance can cover it.

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