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Physical Medicine:  June Withers MD, Medical Director of Physicians Plus not only specializes in Physical Medicine but also practices Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture!

So here's a doctor that not only practices medicine, but uses natural alternatives and Chiropractic Care!

She employs the use of specific diagnostic tests to determine the cause of physical pain!

"Current Perception Threshold" testing is used to detect early signs of nerve damage. The advantage of this neurological examination is that this is a "sensory" nerve test. Most nerve testing involves the testing of the "motor nerves", i.e. nerves that control muscles. Unfortunately motornerves or muscle nerves become damaged only then the injury is at it's later stages. By the time you're limping along or your leg or arm is not functioning, you know you have a problem and it's much more difficult to correct.

Sensory nerves are effected first before motor nerve damage. For example, most patients experience a numbness or pain before they have muscle weakness from nerve damage. Testing sensory nerves makes more sense in that early detection of nerve damage can lead to better proactive treatment and therapy resulting in improved clinical outcomes.

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Diagnostic Ultrasound is now utilized to visualize soft tissue such as disk herniations, ligament damage and muscle damage. This is quite a breakthrough! Imagine being able to see a disc herniation or protrusion of the cervical or lumbar spine right in the office. Ligament damage to the spine, and extremities such as the shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist can now be visualized!

X-ray is used to visualize "hard tissue" or bone structures.

Diagnostic Ultrasound is used to visualize muscles, ligaments and can even identify disc problems.

Sports Medicine: From tennis elbow to a sprained ankle, we now have trained sports medicine technicians working under our medical staff to get you back running, jogging and biking again!

Chiropractic: Myself and Dr. Kyle Yoder deliver this care. In the area of “pinched nerves” there is no equal! This is my personal baby! Pinched nerves can cause a variety of problems from headaches to back pain and as you may already know is missing in most medical clinics.

The idea came to me sometime in early 1997 when Dr. Peterson, an orthopedist and patient, and I were talking. He came to me with low back pain and didn't want to take unnecessary medications for his back pain. He wanted chiropractic care instead.

I've often thought that if patients got both, they would be getting the best of both worlds:

Finally, the advantages of both types of care combined to provide you with the best of what medicine has to offer and the best of what holistic care has to offer.

Imagine: Getting the right care for you. Sometimes it's a non-drug approach that's best for you and sometimes it's the medical approach that's best for you. Now there's a doctor's office that will tailor-make a plan just for you: PhysiciansPlus.

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