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Harry K. Wong, DC

Physicians Plus Medical Group

Physical Medicine and Exercise Rehab:
State of the art facilities offer advanced diagnostics, to pinpoint the cause of pain and damage, and a wide array of treatment to most effectively get you back to optimum health.

Alternative Therapies:
Whenever possible, the use of natural remedies such as nutrition, vitamins, herbs, pressure point therapy, and Chiropractic is used.

General medicine
A traditional approach with caring and attention to what you really need is stressed. Our doctors, while board certified, are very open to the use of vitamin and herbal remedies.

Is used whenever appropriate and is proven to be effective in neck and back pain. Common conditions such as pinched nerves, disc problems, numbness and pain down the legs and arms, headaches, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, fibromyalgia and other neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions are treated successfully with chiropractic.

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