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Old Age

Old Joe came in one day to see me for an examintion. While I was checking him, I noticed that his right knee was swlooen and immovable. He said it was "old age." When I examined his left, I found that it was normal.

The "amazing" fact I found out what that both knees were the same age, and yet one was suffering from "old age"! Turns out that Joe had injured his right knee years ago.

Our concepts of "old age" are rapidly changing. For instance, take "old car." There are some old cars that look like new and there are old cars that need to be junked. It's not heredity. Recent studies show that it's what you do now to your body, or you car, that determines how healthy you or your car will be in the future.

Say Goodbye to "Old Age"!

Dorothy R.

"Thanks to Dr. Wong, I'm 76 years old and healthier than ever. I'm lead a fully active life; just last week I moved over 150 pounds of rock from my back yard to my front yard. I feel young, healthy and spry! I'm not on all the unnecessary drugs that I see so many people my age are taking. Chiropractic has gotten me healthy and is keeping me that way. It's the care I'm getting here at Wong Chiropractic that is making this possible!

"I'm 76 years old and feel like I'm 40."

-- Dorothy R.

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