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Accidents and Injuries

Effects of an Accident or Injury

1. Pinched Nerves:
You have over 17 trillion nerves in your body. Accidents can cause the bones in your spine to twist and stay out of alignments and "pinch" or irritate those nerves. Bones can be realigned to take pressure off the nerves.

2. Postural Changes:
This is where you can visibly see changes in your posture from an accident. Your head may be jutting more forward or one shoulder may be higher or one hip lower. At PhysiciansPlus, we work to re-align these body parts that cause unnecessary stress to your skeletal system.

3. Disc Damage:
The most common disc damage is a disc that is compressed or "pancaked." This was once thought of permanent damage; however, this is no longer true. We now have the ability to rehabilitate the discs to their normal heights. This is one of the leading causes of you getting "shorter" as you get older. What we do is physically decompress the disc, getting vital body fluids into the discs, thus healing them. (This procedure is so safe that even Dr. Harry Wong used it on himself.)

4. Ligament Damage:
Ligaments are those long, wirey strands that hold your spine and other bones together. Large tears may require surgery; however, the most common are small or "micro" tears. If not rehabilitated, ligaments will turn into scar tissue and cause pain for the rest of your life. It is well proven that chiropractic care causes ligaments to heal properly. It can take up to one year for the complete healing of thsi tissue.

5. Muscle Damage:
Tears in muscles require the proper movement to heal properly. Tears--even micro tears--can lead to scar tissue (like ligament tears). What is needed is gentle motion to cause the fibers of the muscle to heal properly. Our chiropractic adjustments provide the correct motions for these muscle injuries.

Whiplash can causes Spinal Degeneration

One of our patients came into our office after finding out that she had lost 1/4" of height from a whiplash accident. She measured herself prior to seeing us. Research has shown that a whiplash victim's spine will degenerate five times faster than the general population. I think people's spine's already degenerate too fast as it is!

The unique care we provide at PhysiciansPlus does reverse these degenerative effects.

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