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Accidents and Injuries


Studies show that injuries add up. In other words, that fall you had as a child, plus the whiplash injury last year add up to accumulated damage to your body. This results in you feeling "older."

Car Accidents

Car accidents are notorious for causing long-term pain and disabilities. Even a 10-mile-an-hour accident can cause a lot of damage. Studies show that your head can whip back and forth at a rate of 100.000 degrees per second in a 10-mile-per-hour accident.


Whiplash can cause more than just pain. While pain is one of the common results of whiplash-type accidents, there is more often than not more damage than meets the eye. Often I see patients experience other symptoms that they do not relate to the accident.

Here's a partial list of symptoms that can relate to an accident:

The real problem is how these symptoms can change a person's life. Anything can be affected, from relationships to work or success in life.

Effects of an Accident of Injury

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