Doc Wong's Clear Creek Fun Loop

Weekend before last I rode dirt at Clear Creek after the rains. First rain at Clear Creek: the conditons were ideal. Tacky, not muddy conditions with the sun out and a little brisk. The most perfect dirt riding weather.

We did the Doc Wong Clear Creek loop which entails:

Over the hill, thru a gate, down a ravine to a cute little creek, winding back and forth across the creek for about a mile.

Up and out of the creek, up a large rutted trail, traversing thru a denser, wooded trail up to an unknown and well kept secret "cult" trail. So far this is a warmup for the more technical part of the ride. If riders have a difficult time so far we don't venture onto "the" trail. We call it a "cult" trail because of how technical it is and that only a very small percentage of riders would ever venture to do a trail like this.

We call it "Bill's Folly". It got it's name years ago when a guy named Bill took 6 guys down there and couldn't get out. They spent the night and walked out. We've since made a trail thru it. Bill's folly is very "cute" i.e. very techical and not for the faint of heart. "C" riders can make it thru, they just have to work hard at it. "A" riders find it very entertaining. Two A riders can do Bill's Folly in about 20 minutes. A group of C riders will take about 2 hours. Anyway you shake it, it's incredibly fun for everyone with the right attitude.

First part of
Entrance into "Bill's Folly"

Bill's Folly technical sections:

1. First downhill (see above photo). Doesn't look that bad in the picture, but the bottom leads to a small single track trail that you have to hit right. Going down, get on your pegs, butt back, work front and back brakes to minimize speed. As you slide, you've got to let go of some brake.

2. Up and around a boulder and into the creek. There's a 2 foot drop-off into a water hole. You've got to gas it so your front wheel doesn't hit the hole and you sink the bike. Looks knarly because you have to land the front wheel into some creek rocks.

3. Up the bank and up an incline. Gotta hit this one with gusto, or you get stuck in the rut that others have dug.

4. Up, up, up the side of a hill, gotta keep momentum up or you're stuck. The last part is off camber and up. Keeping up your speed and momentum is vital here. Slipping off means a lot of time pulling your bike back up.

5. Some rocky sections. Just keep it in 2nd and slip the clutch all the way and it should be easy.

6. The "V" obsticle. See below.


A "V" obsticle - ride down the "V", then before hitting the bottom, clutch, lift the front wheel to hit the other side so you don't go over the bars.

7. Big downhill back down the creek. To get to the other side, use clutch and rear brake to keep traction.

8. Follow a cow path, man those cows can get thru some small places.

9. Down the creek and thur a very small opening with a tree on one side and boulder on the other side. Muscling is needed here.

10. One more rocky creek crossing and we're out!

Out of Bill's folly onto some faster technical trails up over the mountain we reach the ridge. We then hit another creek trail, this time with a few boulders to climb to add to the flavor of the ride. One big angled log to jump for our more skilled riders, but there's an alternate line around it. I like to jump it. So does my buddy.

The '97 KTM 360's working great! Combo of motor and suspension makes for a real good ride.

Out of the Creek Trail onto some more open trails, easy but fun.

Then we go down, and I mean DOWN a hill named "Big Bertha". It's very steep, but has lots of run off space.

Then up and over to the "V" trail. It's called the "V" trail because you have to go up this mountain up a trail so rutted that it forms a huge "V".

Back to camp along some cute stuff.

Anyway, it's about a 40 mile loop. I add another 10 miles if the group is up to it. Killer ride!!

Ride well!


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