Doc Wong's Dirt and Dual-Sport Riding Clinics

Doc Wong at Quicksilver National Enduro
Doc Wong at the Quicksilver National Enduro 1996

These free Dirt and Dual-Sport clinics are held just a few times a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's a two part event where one or two local riding experts talk at my clinic on a Thursday night on 10 specific riding techniques. Then on the following Saturday or Sunday we meet at a local dirt riding location, usually Hollister Hills or Clear Creek to practice these skills.

It's quite a fun weekend ride in the dirt as new riders get aquainted with dirt techniques and more experienced riders get to learn from the experts.

Most of these clinics are geared for novice to intermediate riders, occasionally we do have clinics for more advanced riders. These clinics are geared for learning how to handle very technical trails, which is my favorite kind of riding.

Dates of next Dirt Clinics:

None scheduled, however here's the good news:

My strategy in riding in the dirt:

As a Chiropractor practicing for the last 14 years and caring for many injured riders, I've developed a strategy to keep me riding for years to come, minimizing injuries:

1. Most riders injure themselves by riding too fast for their skill levels. By riding no more than 80% to 90% of my skill level, I can then use that extra 1-% to 20% of skill to handle unforeseen know, the tree branch, the rock, the ditch, and thousands of other things that catch your attention.

2. I ride very very difficult technical trails (by my estimation) which by nature are slower trails. This way I can keep my speeds down while being challenged. When I fall, it's usually at slower speeds reducing injuries. "A" riders have fun on my trails, "B" riders work at it, and "C" riders have a whole lot of fun, but work very hard on them.

Dirt riding techniques

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Special January 12, 1997 Hollister Hills event with top national riders!