Sunday, August 31, 2008

4-Corners Hwy 84 (Woodside Road) and Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd)

(Alice's Restaurant Area)


Town of Woodside
San Mateo Sheriff
La Honda VFD
Bay Area MARC

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I'm super excited!!!!

Who could have thought it possible to have the Town of Woodside, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department, and the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department all in agreement to have a motorcycle related event in the Town of La Honda (5 miles West of  "Alice's. Restaurant on Hwy 84-La Honda Road)

I just got the OKs, so we're in!

This will be a huge get together with fellow motorcyclists, Sheriff Department personnel, Fire Department personnel and others. It's going to be a big fun event with lots of music, barbeque, prizes, raffles, bike show, first aid demos, "Meet the Man" talks, workshops on riding, street smarts, riding schools, track schools, and open track days.

This event just keeps getting better and better!!!!!!!!!!!  More than 6,000 riders are expected this year!

What: Rider Skills and Safety Day
When: Sunday Aug 31, 2008 9am to 4pm
Where:  Town of La Honda

How to sign up: 

Participants:  just show up and have fun
Volunteers:  Want to help?  E-mail me at
Vendors:  please e-mail me at:
Bike show: if you have a bike to show e-mail:  skylinebikeshow@yahser for the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department.  These people are incredible, volunteering many many hours, training, getting certified, and coming to our aid when we crash.  Let's give back to those who help us when we need them!!!!

This event promises to be an event filled with fun, food, music, raffles, bike contests, shows, demonstrations, workshops, and seminars.  There will be various seminars on topics such as Riding Gear, Rider Skills, Suspension Setups, Survival Tips on the Mountainous Roads, First Aid and the role of the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department.  There will also be a bike show for custom bikes of all makes and sizes.

--Vendors: Will be there to educate and there will be some very good deals!!!!
--BBQ: This year the La Honda Volunteer Fire Dept will be hosting their famous BBQ!!!
--Suspension Tuning: For a $20 donation your suspension will be tuned by Gary Jaehne or Phil Douglas of Aftershocks!!!
--Raffle:  If you haven't heard of our famous raffle.  Every year we have over 200 raffle prizes.  I'm still working with some manufacturers to donate a bike, don't hold your breath, but you never know. 
--Rider Skills: experience Andy Burnett's coaching on body position and how to hang off a bike for cornering confidence
--Workshops:  there will be speakers thru the day on various topics related to riding skills and safety.
--Bike Show:  last year had some very awesome bikes, wait till you see this year!

This is a multi-community event and is a fundraiser for the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department. These are the same wonderful volunteers that pick us up and help us when we crash in the area!!!

The event is geared to riding skills and to your survival as a motorcyclist!  Dr. Harry Wong, chiropractor in Redwood City who hosts the very popular "Doc Wong Free Riding Clinics" and the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department have gotten together to create an awesome event.

There will even be a "Meet the Man" session where we can get to know the the local Sheriff and them to get to know us!  Also we'll be able to talk to many of the volunteers for the La Honda Fire Department.  This get to know each other time can foster much more cooperation and help for all involved!

The spark that ignited this was due to the ongoing desire of two people from very different walks of life to improve motorcycle safety, Dr. Harry Wong, chiropractor who practices in Redwood City and Larry Whitley the captain of the La Honda Volunteer Fire Department.  Doc Wong has been holding free riding clinics in the area for the last 7 years and has been very active in the motorcycling community.  Larry Whitley as a volunteer fireman has been the first responder at the scene of many motorcycle accidents over the years.  Many riders are totally unaware of the ongoing efforts of these well trained volunteers who are there when we need them.

Larry has commented that he's amazed that the feedback has been so positive in support for this event from residents and other agencies. 

So the goal of the event is to have a great time and foster understanding between all involved and to gain knowledge that would enhance our enjoyment of motorcycling by improving our skills and gaining knowledge that would help us survive out on the roads!

The cost is free and all are welcome!

If you have a bike that you'd like to show, e-mail Dr. Wong for entry information.

For more information go to or e-mail Doc Wong at


Thanks for those of you who have stepped forward to help so far. I need more help!

Please e-mail me if you want to contribute to this wonderful event.

Here are some of the things I need:

Before the event...

  • Contacting anyone you know in the motorcycle industry for raffle items and door prizes
  • Contacting anyone you know who would be a good addition to this event
  • Contacting anyone you know with show bikes or other trick or unique bikes
  • Distributing flyers to Bay Area motorcycle dealers and shops

During the event...

  • Raffle ticket sellers (profits to the La Honda Volunteer Fire Dept)
  • Parking control
  • General helpers
  • Family radios for volunteer communications

e-mail Doc Wong with ideas, suggestions and to volunteer your help!

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