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Throttle Control

by Shamim Mohamed

I had to leave early so I couldn't thank you in person yesterday - this was the fourth clinic I attended, and I can see a difference! Yesterday coming down Tunitas Creek I was aware that I was much more comfortable than I have been, and really applying and testing the things from the clinic esp. throttle control and the 1-2 turn method.

I was also applying something else you said yesterday - to start the turn later. Yes, I found that I'd been starting the the turn too early. And I think the fact that the pace of the ride is not extreme, it gives you time to think about what you're doing.

Now it could be that all this was just because I am now getting to the know the roads better and can anticipate, and I'm sure this is part of it; but the rider behind me was saying how he found he got through the corners much better if he followed my line! So I am doing something right.

Well, thanks again for organising the clinics. And if you are still looking for volunteers to do some stuff for the Keith Code clinic next month, sign me up, I'd be glad to help.


- Shamim

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