Doc Wong Ride Topics:
Smooth Riding, 17 October 1999

by J.P.

This was my third Doc Wong clinic. This time, the subject was "Smooth Riding - Awareness and Vision"

Perhaps even above counter-steering, I felt that looking out for the place I had to go rather than the spot to avoid (a natural tendency with me) was the most counter-intuive yet effective piece of advice I had been given so far about motorcycling. It was just amazing how much difference it made for my ability to corner, especially at times when I was freaking out. This is a over-simplification but you just strech you neck in the direction you're trying to go, and all of a sudden you feel like there's so much space you're not allowed to screw this corner anymore...

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank Doc Wong and the ride leaders for all the fun I had and urge any Bay Area rider who hasn't attended one of the Clinics yet to try it out!

HD Sportster 1200 Sports
(yes it's Okay to come on a "cruiser"...)

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