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Keith Code Ride, 09 November 1997

by Tom

Thanks to both of you for your participation in a great day. Keith's discussion of "going wide" certainly reminded me of mistakes I have made. Not only was the talk interesting and insightful, but humorous. And I guess after all, I ride because it is fun!

During the ride, I tried to diligently apply looking ahead, no target fixation, and riding within my limits. I stayed on the road in my lane the entire day! It was enjoyable ride and I met a couple of new people that are about my same level so we will be taking some rides. I even waved to several "cages" with all five fingers!

Unfortunately I was unable to stay the whole day so I missed your personalized instruction. I really hope you will consider coming back next year. I know it was a long day for you both, but greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge with us. It will make a difference in my riding, and I look forward to some personalized tips in the future!

As Doc would say, ride well and ride safe!

Thanks again,


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