Many Thanks to Keith and Cobie!
Keith Code Ride, 09 November 1997

by Paul Rikkonen

Greetings gents!

Thanks much for taking the time last weekend to talk, ride, and give pointers to Doc's devoted band of riders, myself included. You two pulled me out of the house Sunday morning and showed me how to have a ton of fun, meet some great people, and learn many subtle things about riding that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. Worse yet, I might never have learned it and thus could have suffered an accident as a result!

The time you took with each of us is greatly appreciated. If you have the chance to do this on a regular basis, please don't wait a long time. Your presence pulls in many riders, knits the group closer together, and trains them to be competent citizens on the streets.

Thanks again. I'm really looking forward to the next time!

Paul R.

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