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Judging Entrance Speed, 18 January 1998

by Jack Walshe

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain... the rain in the bay area stormed over everyone and everything yesterday, including almost 40 of us on Doc Wongs monthly motorbike clinic. The topic was entrance speed setting, and I think this was well practised, consistently and conservatively throughout the day.

The morning was innocent enough with clear skies and relatively clear roads for this time of year. Even the challenging Tunitas creek wasn't as bad as expected. By the time we got to Stage road the wind was rising, and, riding thru the Eucalyptus avenue had me looking upwards for droppin branches. Of course you'd never see the one that bonks you on the head!

The skies opened up while we were lunching in Davenport and boy did it lash. Afterwards I guided a bunch of 12 or so back up Bonny Doon and Empire grade… floods, trees down, debris, rain rain rain... but all ok. At the top of the infamous Jamieson creek we grouped to descend in anticipation of slides and rocks and more "stuff", but other than the rain and consistent debris on some tight bends this too was fine and manageable with reasonable care.

But the rain was very wet permeating everything and everyone. We stopped in a Boulder Creek coffee house to debrief and defrost and it was great to see the bunch of up-spiritted bikers laughing and joking in these potentially miserable conditions. Attitude is everything!

The last leg up 9 to 35 presented one significant flood and a few cross-road streams, but nothing spectacular.

I guess we're nuts, but I'm glad to be part of it!


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