Doc Wong Ride Topics:
Body English

by Markus Baur

A few comments/additions from someone who rode with this group for the first time :)))

Peer Landa wrote:

> Well...
> ..since it looks like no ride report of Doc Wongs' Sunday ride has
> yet been posted, I'll give it a try.. using a somewhat abbreviated
> form:
> ATTENDANCE: After Doc's talk about body-english etc. (I was late as
> usual)

The goal of this ride was to watch for our body posture while cornering: Is your body always centered above the handlebars? Or do you slightly lean in the opposite direction?

It was suggested to improve body positioning by trying to "dive" into the corner: Take your head in the direction you want to lean, the body will follow automatically. THEN start leaning the bike.

> we were divided into four groups, where approximately 7 guys
> were in group #1, (led by Doc), 6 in group #2 (led by Andy Burnett),
> 8 in group three, and 8 guys in group four (sorry I don't know the
> last two group leaders names). So about 30 people showed up (maybe
> more.. I can't count that far).

I thought we counted 36 before we were divided? Anyway your numbers seem about right.

> WEATHER: Even if I saw a couple of raindrops in the morning when
> leaving my place, it turned out to be a terrific day, i.e. sunny and
> not too much wind.
> ROAD CONDITIONS: The first half of the day, i.e. the roads down to
> Davenport were for my taste way too dusty and muddy -- I even had to
> close my helmet-vents to avoid dust in my eyes (following Gary and
> Andy). Due to a road closure on Gazos Creek, we went (almost) strait
> to Highway-1 from Pescadero, (i.e. avoiding both Cloverdale and
> Gazos). Not knowing about the closed road, some confusion occurred
> when some of the rides in the last two groups got separated and went
> for the closed road.. (apparently Gazos was not as bad as first
> thought, so they all managed to get thru).

I was in group four and our group leader decided to put in a stop to go back to our last stop and find the lost sheep. Luckily nobody was found on the roadside so we decided to take Highway-1 straight to Davenport to make up for the lost time.

> However, the last part,
> especially going up Highway-9 from Boulder Creek, was splendid -- no
> dust or gravel.

That was IMHO the part where the topic of the day could be practiced best.

> SYNOPSIZED BLAB: As always, I went with group #2 following Andy (the
> most fast & smooth group-leader I've ever experienced). After lunch,
> going up Bonny Doone and just before turning right on Smiths Grade,
> this squid guy, Gary Jeahne, passed our group-leader (hey Gary, next
> time show up in jeans to make it all more consistent with your
> riding) and got lost on his way.. apparently Gary didn't known about
> our route nor the area (probably he's still out there trying to get
> back home..). No mishaps (that I know of) during the entire day,
> except a blunder by the Doctor himself: he and Mark swapped bikes and
> evidently Doc "forgot" to put gas in his.. so Mark got stranded going
> up HWY-9 (we now realize why Doc was so eager to swap bikes in the
> first place..).

I've heard the story somewhat different: Doc's odometer was broken and stuck at 71 miles. So when they swapped, Mark thought he had plenty of gas to make the rest of the ride. ;-)

> Anyway, it was a good ride, and if it wasn't for the
> misfit of riding an Italian bike in the aftermath of El Nino, for me
> it would have been a SUPERB ride.
> -- peer

From my point of view (as a bike newbie and first time participant) it was a superb ride. I had lots of fun and met a bunch of great people.

Thanks again to Doc Wong and all the others who've helped to make this a success!

- Markus

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